12 Harmful Ingredients You Should Avoid in Your Skincare Routine


With easier access to information in a digital age, we have become increasingly aware of the harmful chemicals and ingredients that are put into the processed foods we buy at the grocery store. It is not at all uncommon to see people, standing in the aisle, staring at the label of a can of something-or-other. We know they are looking at the nutritional information or ingredients, and assume they are equipped with the knowledge and experience of what to look for and ingredients they should avoid. They are making their purchasing decisions based on this knowledge to the best of their ability.

So why is it that some of these very same individuals walk down the health or beauty aisle, and grab skincare products without thinking twice about turning over the product to review potentially harmful ingredients? After all, skin IS our largest body organ!


The "Dirty Dozen"

Thankfully, we are beginning to see a change in this behaviour. Consumers are taking care of their skin and are dedicated to health. The demand for high-quality, clean, toxin-free skincare products is increasing because of the numerous DANGEROUS skincare products that have surfaced, and the horrible (sometimes life changing) side effects that have resulted from frequent use. Everything from rashes, to infertility, to cancer...

So you know that there are chemicals and ingredients to avoid, but you don't always know what to look for when reading labels. Which chemicals we should avoid, or what we can expect from frequent use and exposure to these harmful ingredients. And to further complicate things, sometimes those chemicals are cleverly disguised in marketing language that makes them sound not-so-bad. Beneficial, even!

US researchers tell us that at least 1 in every 8 of the 82,000 chemicals used in skincare products are industrial chemicals and include things like hormone disruptors, pesticides, reproductive toxins and even carcinogens! [1] In Canada, research shows that up to 80% of skincare products may contain at least one of these harmful chemicals. Sadly, there is very little government oversight and regulation when it comes to hair and skincare products. It is truly a case of "buyer beware".

So, Clove Pink (being the concerned folk we are) compiled a list of what is commonly referred to The Dirty Dozen. The following ingredients should be avoided at all costs:

  1. BHA and BHT
  2. Coal tar dyes: p-phenylenediamine and colours listed as “CI” followed by a five-digit number
  3. DEA-related ingredients
  4. Dibutyl phthalate
  5. Formaldehyde-releasing preservatives
  6. Parabens
  7. Parfum (a.k.a. fragrance)
  8. PEG compounds
  9. Petrolatum
  10. Siloxanes
  11. Sodium laureth sulfate
  12. Triclosan


The More You Know

The average woman uses up to 12 skin and/or hair care products every day. While a tiny bit of poison once in a while may not have a long-term impact, imagine the stress you are putting your body through as you endure your daily micro-dose of toxic chemicals! 

We wanted to make sure you were equipped with the necessary knowledge in order to avoid further contact with these dangerous chemicals. We must take it upon ourselves to become avid label-readers of all personal care products and use this knowledge to guide our future purchasing decisions.

The good news? You can always trust Clove Pink to have performed their due diligence on your behalf. We personally curate all the products that go into our Petit and Signature Clove Pink Boxes to make sure you are getting high quality, safe, non-toxic personal care products.

Because when we know better, we do better. 


With Joy,



[1] https://tasty-yummies.com/dirty-dozen-cosmetics-skincare/

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