3 Ways to Make the Switch to Non-Toxic Products

Our skin is supposed to be an outward reflection of our health, so it’s worrying to think that we’ve been putting potentially harmful products onto our skin and therefore into our bodies. In the same way we trust that the food we buy in the supermarket won't be harmful to us, the same should be said about the skincare, body, and home products that are available to us. However, there are currently an array of products on the shelves that contain ingredients known or suspected to cause harm to the human body.

Women over 50 make up over half of all spending on skincare products purchased in the hopes to help and heal, but are these products doing more harm than good?

Currently, the legislation that protects Canadians from harmful toxins in cosmetics, household products, and other environmental agents, hasn’t been updated since 1999. As the legislation begins to be reviewed, campaigners are calling for stricter measures to protect Canadians. However, the federal government is wavering on their promise to label hazardous ingredients in products. It has never been more important to take charge of your health and educate yourself about skincare and household products you are using.  Read on to find out what steps you can take towards a cleaner lifestyle.

Our mission at Clove Pink is to help you stress less by introducing you to non-toxic beauty and skincare products for mature skin made by people and brands that care. Here are a few easy ways you can begin your journey to having a less toxic home:

 1) Learn Which Skincare Ingredients to Avoid

The list of ingredients on the back of a cosmetic product can sometimes look like a different language if you don’t know what to look for. For women over fifty, the massive array of anti-ageing and plumping products can have an encyclopedia of ingredients on the side of the box. Don’t worry, there's no need to learn the names of all the chemicals used to make up a product. After all, a lot of these scary, complex-sounding names are just the chemical compound name of a perfectly safe ingredient such as a vitamin or safe emulsifier. However, there are a few nasties that often sneak themselves into these lists. Here is a list of the The Dirty Dozen, twelve ingredients to avoid in your skincare and cosmetic products.

2) Slowly Start Replacing Your Products with Clean Alternatives

 There’s no need to go and overhaul your whole bathroom cabinet straight away. Clean living is all about making sustainable changes, so that means when it’s time to make new skincare, cosmetic, or home product purchases you make clean choices. Clove Pink subscription boxes are an easy and exciting way to be introduced to new non-toxic products from Canadian small businesses. Our aim is to provide you with products on a regular basis that you can trust that will help you live free from toxins. Before you know it, you will have discovered your new favourite non-toxic brands and made healthy swaps in your household to help you and your family.

3) Try These Apps Which Analyze Beauty Products

There is a massive and constantly growing community of people just like you who want to make the switch to clean products and who are on the hunt for the best non-toxic anti-aging creams, serums, and moisturizers. Luckily, a few tech-savvy members of the community have created some incredibly useful resources to help us make the switch to clean beauty.

Think Dirty is an app that scans products and analyzes the ingredients. It will evaluate the cleanliness of the product, explain the ingredients, and highlight any dirty ingredients. This app will make shopping for clean replacements for your current products simple and stress-free.

EWG Skin Deep is a useful website that rates skincare and cosmetic brands, products, and ingredients on their Skin Deep scale. Their ratings are awarded by giving each product or brand two scores: one for ingredients and one for data availability. This means you can not only see how clean a product is and compare it to other options, but you can also assess the transparency of your favourite brands.

Clearya is a Chrome extension for your computer or laptop (which also comes as a mobile app) that notifies you when there is a toxic ingredient in the product you are browsing and actively recommends clean alternatives. This will make your purchase decisions guilt-free and take away the confusion of navigating beauty retailers to find clean beauty products.

Whether it’s taking a look at your current skincare routine with a new set of eyes, downloading an app that will do the hard research for you, or signing up for a subscription box that will introduce you to new Canadian made non-toxic products, taking that first step towards clean living doesn’t have to be stressful.

If there's one thing that I hope you take away after reading this is that switching to non-toxic beauty and household products can be a simple and rewarding experience. With a few small changes and help from trusted sources such as Clove Pink, you can be on your way to feeling guilt-free about many of the products in your home.  



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