Chemical Free Alternatives to Aerosol Odor Eliminators (Like Febreeze)

Are you one of the world's fastest cleaners before last minute company arrives? I know that I am! A quick pass with the broom, a wipe down of crumb-covered surfaces, tossing clutter into junk drawers and then freshening things up with a spritz of something incredible that will have your guests saying "What's that smell?!" (In a good way)

But if you're using an aerosol odor eliminator (such as Febreeze, Airwick, Glade, Lysol, etc) - I'm here to tell you you're doing it wrong! 

What Makes Aerosol Odor Eliminators Harmful

Though they "freshen up" your home in minutes, the harmful effects that these products have on your health (and the environment) over the years could surprise you.

Aerosol odor eliminating products release harmful particles into the air, called volatile organic compounds (VOC's), which according to the EPA can cause respiratory irritation, headaches, liver and kidney damage, and even cancer.

They also contain phthalates, which are known to “cause hormonal abnormalities, birth defects, and reproductive problems.”

In order for aerosol spray's to work, they most likely also contain propellants like butane and propane, which come with their own list of hazards and potential long term chronic exposure health side effects such as cancer and reproductive problems.

So how can you freshen up your home, without jeopardizing your personal health?

Here are 5 Non-Aerosol Odor Eliminators and Air Fresheners You Can Use Instead:

  • Candles (like this Mistletoe Kisses Soy Candle from Sunny B's Candles)
  • Essential oil diffuser
  • Essential oil room sprays (like this Thieves Room Spray from The Bomb Sisters)
  • Air purifying plants (such as aloe vera, boston fern, spider plant, moth orchid, peace lily, snake plant, etc.)
  • Potpourri

What's your favourite way to freshen up your home?

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