Create the Life You Want with Myla Trenchuk

Mindset and Success Coach Lacombe Alberta 

Do you feel drained and exhausted from the chaos around you? Do you want to increase your zest and energy for life? Do you want to cultivate more vitality to your days? If your answer is yes to these questions, keep on reading. This article is for you! 

The power to continue to live and grow in existence is referred to as vitality. It is your energy, your mental and physical vigour, and feeling of aliveness in the moment. This is created from the inside out and is the core of your well-being. You can cultivate vitality each day through your thoughts, feelings, and actions. This creates your overall attitude towards life. 

Dr. Samantha Boardman, author of Everyday Vitality writes, “Vitality involves intersection with and participation in the world around you. It is not predicated on taking a year off to find yourself. It doesn’t require making a drastic change. You don’t need to lose yourself in self-reflection. You don’t need to overhaul your existence, or reinvent your life, or wait until the chaos [subsides].” Vitality is something you can create here and now. 

When I became a mom of four, the chaos heightened in our home. Each child’s needs went to the top of my list. I reacted to their every need and my boundaries were non-existent when it came to my own well-being. This became a habit and taking care of me slipped to the back burner. I wasn’t fully present in my life. I was robotically going about my days, my health declined, my relationships suffered, and I was losing myself. I allowed my external factors to run my life. I knew I had to do something before it was too late. I needed to reclaim my control and revive my vitality for life. 

How did I do it? It isn’t easy, but it’s simple. It’s never easy to break old habits and beliefs that run our thoughts, feelings and actions, but it can be done. Start here: 

    1. Make yourself a priority. You are the more important person in your life! Start by building up your sources of renewable energy. Adrenaline is your body’s response to stress and it will leave you depleted as it is a fast-burning energy source. Building renewable energy means loving yourself first. How? Do something you love! Do things that make you feel good and feed your soul. Dance, create, play, spend time with family and friends, do things you enjoy! Be intentional about making yourself first and treating yourself with love. This will build a resource of abundant energy from within! 
    2. Stop the negative self-talk. This is sabotaging your vitality and overall ability to create good in your life. Where your focus goes, your energy flows. When you constantly focus on ideas and thoughts that don’t serve you, it doesn’t make you feel good. That feeling grows as you feed it with negative self-talk. Stop it! When a negative thought enters your mind, catch it and flip it to a positive idea. Create space for inward reflection. Connect to your inner voice to cultivate love, kindness, and grace for yourself. Be your biggest cheerleader! Focus on the good and affirm yourself daily. Do this consistently and your confidence will grow!
    3. Connect to your higher power and be present in the moment. Know that there is a power greater than you guiding and watching over you. Whether you call it God, universe, or some other name, plug in to your source of power. Create this connection to build faith and alleviate worry and doubt. You will be empowered to be present in the moment. Release the past - it is done. Don’t worry about tomorrow - it is not guaranteed. Now is all you have. It is a gift. Enjoy it. Savour it. Make it count! 

Start doing these things and you will reclaim control and increase your vitality for life. You will build inner peace - a powerful tool in keeping you grounded when your external forces feel chaotic. 

Decide to make yourself first today. Affirm yourself with positive thoughts. Connect to your higher power and be present in the moment. You hold the power to create the life you want.  Choose wisely and begin to live life with renewable energy and boundless vitality! 

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