How to Find the Perfect Gift for Her This Holiday Season

Step way from the iron. Don’t go near the small appliances department. And, for God’s sake, get out of the vacuum cleaner aisle!

Sure, the leading lady in your life might like to have any or all of those handy household helpers at some point, but it’s unlikely she wants them under the tree. (Besides, they’ll be on sale for Boxing Day!)

“Yeah”, you say, “I get that these gift ideas might not be all that sexy, but, when it comes to her, I have no clue what to get!”


Never Fear, Clove Pink is Here!

Imagine her eyes lighting up on Christmas morning. She’ll know you have been truly thoughtful, buying her personal care and lifestyle products that are beautiful, high-quality, non-toxic and Canadian! What she won’t know is how easy it was!

All you really did was click a button, and what she gets is a founder-curated box with 5-7 premium clean ingredient and quality lifestyle products in a beautifully packaged box. And, even better, she’ll get this joy in a box every 3 months.  Items may include clean ingredient skincare, candles, small housewares, and accessories, and/or delicious snacks/drink item.


The Giving Doesn’t Stop

There’s no doubt the lovely lady in your life will be delighted to receive this pampering Joy in a Box, but wait! There’s more! Clove Pink gives back with our 1% initiative.

For every box we sell, we:

  • Donate 1% of our products to non-profit organizations in need. (For example, women's shelters, homeless shelters, etc.)
  • Donate 1% of our time to the protection and enjoyment of our planet. (For example, community clean up, water conservation, air quality improvement, waste reduction, etc.)
  • Donate 1% of all profits to non-profit organizations that align with our values. We will ensure our financial support is used as efficiently and effectively as possible by properly vetting organizations, and we will share them with you along the way. (Just in case you feel inspired to support them as well.)


Earn Extra Brownie Points with the Gift That Keeps on Giving 

With our online shop, you can always find her gifts you know are safe, quality and Canadian. This means that every gift-giving occasion from now on will be a breeze! You don’t ever need to be stumped for a gift for her again. This is good. And you’re doing good, both for her and for the community. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Christmas is a time for Joy, and Clove Pink is Joy in a Box. It’s like they made the holiday for Clove Pink!

Get your Joy in a Box here!

Now, put your feet up and enjoy some Christmas cheer!


With Joy,


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