Giving Back

The 1% Initiative

We were recently inspired by the Tofino Towel Co and their commitment to follow a "1% Model".

When you make a commitment to be 1% better, it sounds a little underwhelming, right? The truth is - if every business made the same commitment - we could accomplish amazing things together. Which is why we are making our customers the same promise.

We will donate 1% of our products to non-profit organizations in need. (For example, women's shelters, homeless shelters, etc.)

We will donate 1% of our time to the protection and enjoyment of our planet. (For example, community clean up, water conservation, air quality improvement, waste reduction, etc.)

We will donate 1% of all profits to non-profit organizations that align with our values. We will ensure our financial support is used as efficiently and effectively as possible by properly vetting organziations, and we will share them with you along the way. (Just in case you feel inspired to support them as well.)