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Sun Shower Replenish All Natural Body Oil

Sun Shower Replenish All Natural Body Oil

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Experience a sun shower every time you get out of the shower and moisturize your body with this invigorating Sun Shower all-natural body oil. Fast-absorbing apricot kernel seed, meadow foam and a unique blend of essentials and fatty-acid oils that make this body oil ultra moisturizing and uplifts your skin and spirit.

Key healing ingredients in the Replenish Facial Serum:

  • calendula is mildly astringent with healing properties that soothes skin and helps to heal sun damage

  • citrus blend offers an uplifting and skin cleansing experience while you moisturize

  • eucalyptus helps to soothe the respiratory but also contains phytochemicals that help keeps your skin’s microbiome healthy

  • peppermint offers defences to help keep your skin free from harmful pathogens while providing an invigorating and clarifying experience

  • sea buckthorn offers an incredible omega profile that helps combat inflammation and contains a host of vitamins, including Vitamin C to help fight free radicals and improve the overall health of your skin

How to use:

Apply the body oil to your skin after getting out of your bath or shower. The steam in the bathroom as well as the remaining water droplets on your skin will help deliver extra hydration while you apply the body oil, and you will also enjoy the feeling of a spa day experience. You’ll only need to apply this body oil once every day or two to keep your skin healthy and moisturized.

Size: 4 oz